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Even though Teresa Giudice is still trying to get out of her sentence, the rest of the world knows there’s no getting around it:

Teresa is going to prison. But on the bright side, the PR manager she’s hired to help her navigate the crisis is encouraging her to make productive use of her 15 months behind bars.

“She will make money off of a tell-all book because people will want to know her prison secrets,” says Wendy Feldman who is herself an ex-con. “I have shared my prison secrets and tricks with Teresa from day one.”

Feldman has mapped out a strategy for Teresa that includes conducting interviews while she’s still locked up (if prison officials allow it) and launching a nationwide PR as soon as possible after being released. 

Feldman points out that Teresa is in the news now more than ever and has the opportunity to make her substantial Real Housewives of New Jersey earnings look like peanuts.

Now all she needs is a title. Might we suggest: Spray-Tan Orange is the New Black?

Watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey online at TV Fanatic to remind yourself how ridiculous the idea of Teresa Giudice writing a book really is.