The Bachelor's 11 Hottest Stars: Where Does Chris Soules Rank?

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The Bachelor is a TV franchise nearly as polarizing as it is successful. In 19 (!) seasons on ABC, it's built a loyal following, but is far from universally loved.

A bunch of hapless, desperate, often catty women fighting for the affection of one aloof stiff could be a formula for TV gold ... or just really, really annoying.

It's a fine line. But the men tapped to star as The Bachelor are typically hunks, which is more than enough to lure enough people in, January after January.

At least most years. You don't need The Bachelor spoilers to tell you that much!

Here are 11 of the hottest Bachelors in show history, starting with this year's man of the moment, Chris Soules. Where does he rank among the hottest of the hot?

Maybe the show lost its appeal to you years ago, after you'd seen 5-15 seasons of it.

Maybe it never had any sort of appeal to you, either because of the premise or because you could watch Vanderpump Rules online for a less scripted experience.

Yes, we realize we just compared this ABC program to a Bravo show and said the latter was less scripted, but that's The Bachelor for you. So ridiculously edited.

But maybe you're among the card-carrying members of Bachelor Nation who have long come to grips with the fact that it's not the love story it was once billed as.

Does the fact that it's so obviously scripted, overly manipulated, clearly staged, filled with cliches and completely melodramatic make it any less entertaining?

On the contrary, it's more so if you accept this. Is anyone really "there for the right reasons" anymore? And more significantly, does anyone really care?

Did we mention the dudes are hot? They don't call him Prince Farming for nothing.

Whether they're train wrecks, dull as dirt or bona fide catches, there's something about the stars that lures enough of a fan base in for the show to keep going.

Then one of the women he doesn't pick will star as The Bachelorette, and a bunch of hornball dudes will awkwardly vie for her too, and the circle is complete.

Speaking of, here's a look at the women seeking Chris' heart and Soules (sorry), beginning tonight. Who will win the final rose? And the starring role this summer?!

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