Parenthood Season 6 Episode 13 Recap: Break Out the Tissues!

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Heading into Parenthood Season 6 Episode 13, the question really wasn't whether or not viewers would cry over the final installment of this beautifully-written, criminally underrated drama.

The question was simply how much one would cry.

The finale certainly did not disappoint, as the Braverman family came together for Sarah’s wedding to Hank, which Max was able to photograph... just prior to hitting it off with a beautiful young women who didn't call him "Asperger’s."

Cue tissue box number-one.

Elsewhere, Joel and Julia chose to adopt Victor’s newborn biological sister, while Adam took over Chambers Academy. This decision led Crosby and Amber to breathe new life into The Luncheonette.

Then, of course, it came time to bring on tissue box number-two, three and four.

Zeek succumbed to his failing heart, although creator Jason Katims and company at least spared us a total breakdown by revealing the moment of his passing off screen before Camille found him, passed away, in his armchair.

As he requested, Zeek’s ashes were spread on the baseball field, as a series of flash forwards depictued the Bravermans a few years into the future.

Among the highlights:

  • Joel and Julia have four kids.
  • Crosby and Jasmine are expecting their third child.
  • Adam is handing Max his diploma from Chambers Academy.
  • We're losing any and all control of our tear ducts just writing these words and remembering the footage in our heads.

While Parenthood is considered by many to be the most emotional program on television, along with the saddest program on television, Katims shared with TV Line why he chose to end the series on an uplifting note.

"This is ultimately an uplifting show, and it’s about this family coming together," he said. "We didn’t want to give the audience a fairytale ending, and we wanted the story of Zeek dying...

"By juxtaposing the death against the family continuing to expand and thrive, that would give it the music of life."

Darn you, Jason Katims. You just made us cry again.

Go ahead and watch Parenthood online one final time and sound off below: What did you think of the finale?

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