Bruce Jenner Sex Change Transition: Kris Jenner in "Meltdown Mode" Over Fallout!

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Kris Jenner is reportedly freaking out over Bruce Jenner's transition to becoming a woman and the associated TV series documenting his journey.

The 65-year-old Olympic champion's feminine side has long been a point of contention between the former spouses, and now, Kris is going haywire.

Kris Jenner: Face Lift Photo

The Momager to the Stars is said to be in "meltdown mode" over the fact that Bruce‘s shocking life change is being made into a new E! docu-series.

She's not worried about how her former husband of 23 years is navigating this complicated time in his life, mind you, but about the financial fallout.

Vintage Kris Jenner. Is anyone even a little surprised at this?

“Kris is absolutely in meltdown crisis mode over Bruce’s decision to go public with his decision to transition to becoming a woman,” an insider said.

She’s been in denial or years, apparently, but in light of recent events, "Kris thinks it’s extremely selfish for Bruce to be doing this at this time.”

“Their oldest daughter, Kendall Jenner, is at the height of a modeling career, and Kris doesn’t want anything to jeopardize that,” or her cut of her payments.

Kris, the source says, is "very concerned about the fallout.”

The fact that Bruce isn't also makes his ex-wife insane.

“As always, the only thing Kris cares about is herself. But Bruce could not care less what Kris is feeling​, and that drives her even more out of her mind.”

Probably a nice perk for him after 23 years of ... her.

Reports on how Bruce's children and stepchildren are holding up vary. Kim Kardashian, perhaps most notably, voiced public support for Bruce.

However, other sources believe that behind closed doors, Kylie Jenner, Kim and Kanye West are upset by the whole thing unfolding as well.

Meanwhile, Bruce’s sons Brandon and Brody Jenner, from his previous married to Linda Thompson, “have absolutely no use for Kris at this point."

“This is about their father," says an insider, and they support him all the way. "For Kris to be complaining or concerned about the fallout is just disgusting."

"Everyone should rally around Bruce and respect his wishes.”

It's Bruce's story to tell, though, as Kim said, and he's apparently going it alone whether they like it or not, in conjunction with E! and GLAAD.

Jenner, the network and the organization are working together in preparation for a reality series documenting the former sports star's transformation.

E! and GLAAD, a prominent gay rights organization, are each working hard to ensure that such delicate subject manner is handled appropriately.

“It’s in the very beginning stages, but it’s a go,” a source said of the Bruce Jenner transition show, though no title or timetable has been established.

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