Chris Brown Probation Revoked After Shootings, Pattern of "Counterproductive" Choices

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Chris Brown's probation was revoked once again Thursday, in part because the star was at a club where five people were shot and wounded last weekend.

It was the latest in a string of incidents involving the controversial 25-year-old, whom violence seems to follow wherever he goes, whether he's instigating it or not.

Chris Brown is Shocked

Brown, who was at the hearing with his mother Joyce Hawkins and girlfriend Karrueche Tran, was not taken into custody, but was ordered back to court March 20.

L.A. Superior Court Judge James R. Brandlin asked the probation department to look into the most recent Chris Brown concert shooting in San Jose further.

That investigation will try to uncover if the singer played any criminal part in the events that played out, though that may be a bit of a stretch to establish.

Chris has been criticized in the past for throwing up gang signs and shouting out the Bloods in various capacities, but it's not clear if he did so here.

In any case, his performance at a birthday bash at Fiesta Nightclub was interrupted when "an altercation ... resulted in gunshots," witnesses reported.

Following the shooting, he Tweeted to fans, "I'm 100," as in 100 percent, and reportedly told his manager not to book any more ghetto venues for him.

That wasn't enough to satisfy the D.A., though, especially since spokesman Jane Robison said he also violated a provision barring him from leaving L.A. County.

In addition, Brandlin said Brown still needs to complete 200 of 1,000 hours of community service stemming from the Rihanna assault case of 2009.

Mostly, though, officials worry about more shootings - Suge Knight was shot at, possibly along with Chris, at a Brown show in August - and his behavior pattern.

The judge acknowledged that so far, there's no evidence Chris was criminally involved in any of the shootings, but as the probation officer notes:

"There is also a growing concern," officials say, "that when he performs or attends at some of his public events, people will get shot or seriously injured."

The probation officer also notes that Chris has been arrested twice while on probation, once for assault in D.C. and also for throwing a rock at his mom's car in rehab.

The officer also recalled how the R&B hitmaker was dubiously "making comments about how 'I am good at guns and knives' during a group [rehab] meeting."

Long story short, these nightclub shootings are not isolated incidents when it comes to violence and/or legal trouble and Chris going hand in hand.

As such, the probation officer will likely recommend to the judge that Chris Brown serve time, based on "a pattern of making choices that are counterproductive."

Of course, the judge will have to conclude that Chris "willfully" violated probation for him to be in big trouble, and that's harder to prove than just being bad news.

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