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Chris Brown is out of rehab early because he was kicked out, according to a new report, and he’s been ordered back for anger management treatment.

The probation report in the Rihanna assault case outlines what happened during his stint in a Malibu rehab center for anger management counseling.

About two weeks in, Chris’ mom Joyce Hawkins showed up for a family session and during it, urged him to stay in the facility for extended treatment.

For whatever reason, Chris disagreed with his mom, and violently, throwing a fit – and a rock, through her car window, shattering the thing. Seriously.

Shortly thereafter, he got booted from facility following the outburst.

The report goes on to say without continued therapy and a strong recovery support network, the 24-year-old singer’s prognosis is “very guarded.”


Officials say before Chris checked into the facility, he had experienced issues with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and underwent a period of depression.

Chris Brown Kicked Out of Rehab

Fast forward to today. Brown was in court today for a progress report in the Rihanna case, and probation officials recommended live-in anger management rehab.

The judge agreed with that, ordering Brown to check into a facility for 90 days.

The facility he checks in to must be in L.A. County and approved by probation officers. He must stay there for the 90 days on an in-patient basis.

Brown must also submit to drug testing while at the new facility, and take any prescriptions recommended by medical experts at the rehab center.

The judge also wants a report on the D.C. incident – in which he was arrested for assault – which could result in a probation violation and jail time.

He checked into rehab after that arrest. Chris is out of rehab for the time being, following the outburst that got him thrown out, but that won’t last long.

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