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Yesterday, TMZ reported that a reality show about Bruce Jenner’s sex change has already begun filming.

Rumors of Bruce’s transition have been circulating for years, but the former Olympian has generally avoided addressing them publicly. 

If the E! network series comes to pass, it would be the first time that Bruce has admitted that he’s experimenting with his gender identity.

Initial reports indicated that his kids and step-children have been nothing but supportive, but now, In Touch is claiming that family members’ reactions have run the gamut from denial to outrage:

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“Kylie has told a friend, ‘My father isn’t transgender – he’s just having fun right now,'” says one source.

“Kanye won’t even talk about it,” another insider claims. “He thinks it’s just weird.”

Kim Kardashian reportedly sides with her husband, telling friends that Bruce’s coming out “spoils her and Kanye’s image.”

It’s a far cry from the Kim who recently claimed to fully support Bruce on his “journey.”

We’ve already heard that Bruce’s reality show will feature a scene in which Kris Jenner “loses it,” and now it seems that she wasn’t the only one to have a hard time with the news.

The big question now is: Will the other negative reactions be featured in the series, or will Kim, Kylie and company attempt to save face?