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Former Jersey Shore star Snooki married Jionni LaValle over the weekend in the Garden State, and the couple did not enter into a prenuptial agreement.

The reality star, according to reports, simply didn’t feel she needs one.

Snooki Marries Jionni LaValle

Snooks (real name Nicole Polizzi) was advised that it would be safer, legally and financially, to put something in writing, but she was adamantly opposed.

Thanks to her Jersey Shore paydays, popular lines of apparel, tanning products and other ventures, Snooki is worth several million dollars at least.

Please, try not to throw your phone, tablet or laptop into the wall.

Jionni, who’s an ATM owner, wrestling coach and t-shirt entrepreneur, works for a living, and does well at that, but there’s no doubt she’s the primary earner.


In the great state of New Jersey, a divorce court will determine a "fair" (in other words, not necessarily equal) division of assets in the event of a split.

Here’s hoping it’ll never be a factor, but she is taking a risk.

Somehow we don’t see it, though. Jionni and Snooki have been together since the height of her fame, and have transitioned well into a more normal life.

They also have two kids, which seem to have brought them closer together if anything, and strong family support. We’re guessing they are in this for life.

Plus, these days are most likely behind her (thankfully) …