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In recent weeks, the June Shannon-Mark McDaniel scandal has faded from the headlines, but the former stars of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo are still dealing with the fallout.

And no one, of course, has suffered as much as June’s eldest daughter, Anna Shannon-Cardwell.

Not only was Anna molested by McDaniel when she was eight, her mother stole from Anna’s trust fund to buy McDaniel a car after he was released from prison.

Anna Cardwell on Instagram

TLC canceled Here Comes Honey Boo Boo in the wake of the scandal, leaving Anna with no means of support and no way of replacing the money stolen by her mother. 

Fans of Anna’s held a fundraiser to help the beleaguered mother of one get back on her feet. Anna apparently appreciated the effort – and the idea – and she launched her own Go Fund Me campaign just a few weeks later.


Now, fans are criticizing Anna for what they feel is a shameless cash grab.

Anna’s taken a lot of flak on her Facebook page, and she responded to the negativity in a lengthy status update that she posted over the weekend:

“I’m deleting my fund me account because everyone thinks I’m money hungry,” Anna wrote.

“And I have been thinking about everyone’s opinions and I got a lot of chooses [sic] and I have done their idea and I get the sh-t end of the stick.”

Clearly, Anna is still angry about the loss of her trust fund and her income, and who could blame her?

Unfortunately, it seems as though Anna is looking to the Internet to fix the harm done by her deeply troubled mother, and she’s slowly realizing that the web has a short attention span, and the damage done by Mama June is irreparable.