17 Things Girls Say and Do When They're Drunk

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Girls just want to have fun, yo! Here are 17 things girls say and do when they're drunk. As told by the Jersey Shore females.

1. That's My Jam!

That's My Jam!
When you're drunk in the club (or on the way to the club), EVERY SONG is your jam.

2. Hello, She's Hot

Hello, She's Hot
Some girls get overly complimentary of other girls when they go out. Absolutely everyone becomes hot/cute/sweet/awesome.

3. You Don't Know Me

You Don't Know Me
Is shouting "you don't know me" a drunk girl's way of sounding deep and philosophic? Complicated? What is up with this?

4. Take a Shot!!

Take a Shot!!
It isn't a Best Night Ever without a round of shots. It just isn't.

5. Let's Take a SELFIE

Let's Take a SELFIE
Instagram might not have been a thing when JWoww and Snooki were running the Shore, but it is now, and "Let's take a selfie!" is the chant of drunk girls everywhere.

6. Looking Super Sexy

Looking Super Sexy
You can't tell drunk girls they don't look sexy. They won't believe you. Until they sober up and see the pictures the next morning.

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