Lindsay Lohan: Good Riddance, Los Angeles!

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Lindsay Lohan may be planning to become a major movie star again.

But she won't be doing it from the movie capital of the world.

In an interview with The Guardian, the troubled actress says she's loving life as a resident of London and has no plans to return to California ever again.

"In LA, I didn’t know what to do apart from go out every night,” Lohan tells the publication. “That’s when my friends were free. And I would go out and there would be all these cameras there and that’s when it became difficult.”

That doesn't exactly explain why Lohan has used her own camera to snap selfies of her boobs, but hey.

No longer partying would be a good start for Lindsay on any path back to respectability.

“I won’t live in LA again, hell no,” Lohan added. “My friends tell me sh-t when they come over I don’t want to hear. I don’t even know who got married and who got pregnant. You turn on the news in LA and it is all gossip about people.

"All the stuff that is going on in the world right now and this gossip is the news?

"I love the BBC. I haven’t heard myself mentioned on TV since I have been here. That has been really weird for me, and great.”

Fair enough, but for the record: Kourtney Kardashian just had her third child; Lauren Scruggs just married Jason Kennedy; and Keira Knightley is pregnant.

You're missing some fun stuff over here, Lindsay! (Never come back.)

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