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For the past six months Lindsay Lohan has been living in London, performing in a West End production of Speed the Plow.

Judging from the pics of Lindsay stumbling all over Europe drunk, she seems to be having the time of her life across the pond. Even so, sources say she’s getting homesick and eager to return to the States.

Sure, she wants to see her family, re-connect with friends and blah, blah, blah, but apparently the main reason Linds is eager to get back to Hollywood is so that she can get back on the A-list!

Lindsay and Bader Image

That’s LiLo hanging out with Rick Ross in a London club, where she supposedly “partied sober.” (Fun fact: on Instagram she accidentally tagged Ross as one of Ariana Grande’s backup dancers. Sounds like the act of a sober person to us!)


Yes, Lindsay’s PR team has been working overtime in preparation for her big comeback.

That means getting her into parties with actual celebrities, spreading rumors about how totally sober she is, and having “sources” tell tabloids about what an in-demand actress she is these days:

“Lindsay is doing better than she has in years!” one such insider tells Radar Online. “She’s determined to be a movie star again!”

The anonymous source who totally hasn’t been paid by Lindsay says she has starring roles in three major projects lined up.

Of course, those who know who her best are treating the news of Lohan moving back to America with trepidation. After all, what reason do we have to believe she won’t just revert to her drunken, panty-flashing ways the second her plane touches down?

But don’t worry, those totally legitimate “sources” are way ahead of your doubts:

“Lindsay is still sober and we are all very supportive,” says one “friend.” “She even has a clean slate after all of her legal issues. The old Lindsay is back!”

Yes, the old Lindsay is back. May God have mercy on us all.