Gia Giudice Releases "Season of Joy" Music Video: Terrible or Just Kind of Lame?

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Even though Teresa Giudice is headed to prison in a few weeks, her 13-year-old daughter Gia seems to be having a downright joyous holiday season.

At least that's the impression she gives in her latest music video:

Earlier this year, Gia formed a girl group called 3KT with two of her friends.

The group's been a source of controversy from the start, as many feel that Gia's parents are setting her up as the family breadwinner in preparation for their back-to-back prison sentences.

In addition, 3KT's first video was inappropriately risque and featured the tween-age girls covering Britney Spears' Circus in a variety of revealing outfits.

Given the grossed-out response to the first clip, it's not surprising that Gia and company are considerably more clothed in their second video.

It's also not exactly shocking that they had trouble securing funds for the video's production budget.

The group launched a Kickstarter campaign with the goal of raising $7,500. They offered perks including a meet-and-greet and "producer credits," but still received less than $900 in donations.

That's when the girls' parents - including the famously cash-strapped Teresa - opened their wallets to help make their daughters' pop star dreams come true.

If you're wondering why the group needed so much cash for such a short, simple clip, much of which was filmed in the Giudices' mansion, it's important to bear in mind that Teresa Giudice was involved.

The woman would ask for donations to expand her shoe collection if she thought it would fly.

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