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As you probably already know if you watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey online, the Giudice family goes all out for Christmas.

Of course, the lavish spending that usually characterizes their holiday season probably contributed to the Giudices committing fraud to cover their expenses and being sentenced to federal prison. 

Even so, Teresa reportedly wants to have a typically extravagant yuletide celebration complete with pricey gifts for the kids. Predictably, her husband Joe is having none of it.

“Teresa had hoped to give the girls an over-the-top Christmas because she is going to be reporting to prison on January 5,” a source tells Radar Online. 

“Typically, Teresa would spend $10,000 just on gifts for the girls. From designer handbags, jewelry, one of a kind dolls, there isn’t anything that the girls asked for and didn’t get.”

While that’s the kind of fiscal responsibility that helped land Teresa a 15-month prison sentence, she reportedly has no plans to change her ways and in fact, insiders say she wants to go more all out this year than ever before.

Shockingly, for once, Joe Giudice is serving as the voice of reason:

“Joe even suggested that the girls only get one present each, and told Teresa to go shop at the local Goodwill store,” says the insider. “Of course, she balked at that.”

Reportedly, the Giudices haven’t told their kids they’re headed to prison, with the exception of oldest daughter, Gia, whom they considered to be mature enough to handle the news.

Hopefully, “Mom and Dad are going to jail,” and “You’re only getting one Christmas present,” will be two separate conversations. That’s a lot for a kid to take all at once.