Teresa Giudice Prison Sentence: She Still Hasn't Told Her Kids?!

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Yesterday, Teresa Giudice was sentenced to 15 months in prison as a result of her fraud conviction back in March.

Her husband, Joe Giudice, was sentenced to 41 months, but won't begin doing his time until after Teresa is released, so that one parent will be free to care for the couple's four daughters at all times.

Speaking of the Giudice kids, they're in for a shock when Teresa turns herself over to the authorities on January 5, as the three youngest girls reportedly haven't been told that their parents are headed for prison.

"Teresa and Joe decided they were only going to tell [13-year-old] Gia that they had both been sentenced to prison," a source close to the family tells Radar Online. 

"Telling the other three girls would have just been too hard because of their ages. They aren't quite old enough to understand all of it. They don't want to scare the girls."

It's a somewhat understandable decision, as the girls are only nine, eight, and five, but it's a conversation that Joe and Teresa will have to have with them at some point.

The Giudices are right in assuming that the girls wouldn't fully understand the situation, as based on Teresa's interactions with the judge, the reality star doesn't fully understand the charges, herself.

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