Kris Jenner Caught Photoshopping Her Own Pics On Instagram!

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You'd think after all of her years in the public eye, Kris Jenner would know some of the basic rules of self-Photoshopping.

Yet here she is violating rule number 1: If you're gonna 'Shop a pic to make yourself look younger, make sure that there are no other versions of said photo floating around online.

Kris Jenner and Gordon Ramsay: Photoshopped!
Kris Jenner and Gordon Ramsay Un-Photoshopped

Kris hung out with Gordon Ramsay in New York yesterday and, well... notice anything different about the Instagram uploads when you look at them side by side?

As you may have guessed, the eerily wrinkle-free one on the left is from Kris' Instagram, and the one on the right where she actually looks like a 58-year old grandmother is from Gordon's.

Guess Bruce Jenner's sex change isn't the only transformation going on in that family!

Speaking of Bruce, Kris' weird marital drama has made this one of the strangest book tours in recent memory.

Kris probably thought that pretending she knows how to cook would be the extent of her lying, but interviewers have predictably put her on the spot by asking about her divorce and her estranged husband's possible sex change.

Awkward alert!

Kris recently opened up with some surprisingly candid life revelations, but her responses to that particular subject have been unusual, to say the least.

Yesterday morning, Kris dismissed the rumors as "silly". By the time of her late afternoon interview with Entertainment Tonight, however, Kris was singing a slightly different tune.

Speaking with Nancy O'Dell, Kris said she doesn't know if Bruce is becoming a woman - an admission that's led many to believe the Olympian may actually be doing that.

It that took place, could you even imagine?

Suffice it to say, that kind of revelation makes a little awkward Instagram Photoshopping with Gordon Ramsay seem like small potatoes by comparison.

Also, we've seen worse:

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