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Over the summer, the world learned that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were back together for the 417th time.

The couple reportedly swore to friends that this time would be different. Sources claimed they were both committed to making the relationship work, and as recently as last month it seemed that Justin and Selena were planning to move in together.

Then, in news that was every bit as shocking as the sun rising or the Jacksonville Jaguars continuing to suck, Justin and Selena broke up again.

One might think that after so many failed reconciliations, JB and SelGo might finally be ready to go their separate ways for good, but as Justin’s 8,000 brushes with the law prove, dude’s not big on learning from past mistakes.

Justin & Hailey at the Met Gala

So naturally, Justin is doing everything in his power to win Selena back…including banging a Victoria’s Secret model.


Yes, Bieber and Barbara Palvin are reportedly hooking up again, but this time Justin’s got a hidden agenda (as though anyone needs a reason to bang Barbara Palvin):

“Right now, he’s hooking back up with Palvin,” says a source. “Justin is pissed that Selena is ignoring him and he knows that would hurt her, so he’s all for it. Anything he can do to get her attention, and if it’s not good attention, he’ll go for bad attention.”

To recap: Justin Bieber is having sex with Barbara Palvin in order to get attention from his ex-girlfriend. We can’t decide if he’s an incredible moron or the greatest genius to ever live.