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As previously documented on many occasions, it doesn’t get any cuter than kids and dogs.

Remember this baby laughing at this dog because he was eating popcorn? Or this puppy jumping up to cuddle with a napping (very) young man?

Both totally adorable for very different reasons, but perhaps neither can hold a cute candle to the following video.

It features a boy singing "You Are My Sunshine" to his sick Husky, lying right next to the poor canine and doing all he can to turn his health around.

We don’t know what actually happened to the dog in question, but we’re just gonna assume that his human’s sweet song and sentiment helped him make a full recovery. Because any other alternative would totally ruin our day year. 

Boy Sings to Sick Dog, Melts Internet

After the 27th viewing of this video (no judgment), check out more examples below of little humans interacting with their four-legged friends: