15 Examples of Dogs and Babies Being Super Adorable

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Check out this photo gallery of dogs and babies being super adorable together.

1. Dog Naps with Baby

Dog Naps with Baby
This is Beau and this is Theo. They have napped together ever since Beau was a newborn.

2. Doing a Dental Check

Doing a Dental Check
This little human isn't sticking around for good, is she?

3. Great Dane Really Wants to Play with Baby

This Great Dane is dying to play with this baby. Does it get any cuter?!?

4. Guilty Dog Makes Amends with Baby

This dog steals its baby's toy... and then feels so guilty about doing so that he brings the child ALL THE TOYS. It's beyond adorable.

5. Baby Laughs at Bubble-Eating Dog

A baby is laughing at a dog eating bubbles in this video. It might not get any more adorable.

6. Dog Teaches Baby to Crawl

This video is as adorable at the title implies. We're not kidding: watch now as a dog teaches a baby how to crawl.

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