Police Tell Users to Stop Calling 911 Because Facebook is Down

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Note to Facebook users:

We know it's painful when this social media network goes down and you can't ogle Justin Bieber selfies or tell the world what you had for dinner.

But please do not contact the authorities when such devastation strikes, as it did last Friday, resulting in far too many people* calling L.A. County Sheriff's Department for help with the issue.

(*One person would be classified as "far too many people.")

In response to the influx of 911 calls, Sergeant Burton Brink Tweeted the following two messages:

Police FB Message
Police on FB

We're not sure whether to laugh or cry over the fact that such Tweets had to be sent.

Then again, it could be worse.

A man could call 911 because his wife keeps throwing his beer out and/or a patron could call 911 because McDonald's messed up his order.

Yes, among other misguided emergency calls, these actually happened...

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