911 Calls That Never Should Have Been Made

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Thinking of dialing 911? Unlike these people, please be sure it's for a worthy cause.

1. Man Calls 911 Over Sandwich Order

A Connecticut man called 911 because someone screwed up his sandwich order. Seriously. Here's the news story about it.

2. Woman Calls 911, Tries to Sleep with Officer

A woman featured in this video called 911 because she wanted an officer to have sex with her and he refused. Really, that's what happened.

3. Kid Calls 911 For Homework Help

This 911 call is so awesome. A kid actually dials up emergency responders for help with his homework.

4. Woman Calls 911 About Drunk People in Bar

Mary Jaggers landed in court for misusing the emergency system after she called 911 and told dispatchers that there were intoxicated people at a bar.

5. Critic Calls 911 from Theater

A movie critic dialed 911 from a movie theater in Toronto. Why? Find out in this video.

6. Family Calls 911 Over Angry Cat

A father calls 911 in this video because his cat is attacking his family. In his defense, the feline is 22 pounds!

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