Beyonce and Jay Z: Drunk in Love at Party Thrown By Rapper's Mom

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In case you somehow haven't heard, Beyonce and Jay Z are having relationship problems. In fact, rumor has it the hip hop couple will divorce at the end of their current  tour

But if things are really that bad between Beyonce and Jay, well...someone should probably tell Beyonce and Jay.

Jay Z Cheating Rumors Are True

The Carters attended a party thrown by Jay's mom Gloria over the weekend to celebrate the opening of her new restaurant, the gangsta-ly named Diamondz N Da Ruff.

Photographers weren't allowed at the event, but even so, witnesses at the party say Jay and Bey laughed, toasted each other with champagne and seemed to genuinely enjoy each other's company. Beyonce was even spotted hugging Jay's mom.

Then again, Jayonce only hung out for about 15 minutes. Anyone can keep up appearances for that long.

Just because they were able to convince a bunch of party-goers in Newark that all is well doesn't mean Jay isn't still cheating with Casey Cohen.

But hey, it's definitely the most encouraging news we've heard about these two in a while.

Sources close to the couple claim Jay and Bey aren't wearing wedding rings on tour. No word yet as to whether or not they were wearing their commitment bling last night.

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