Florida Man Keeps Calling 911 Because Wife Threw Out Beer, Gets Arrested

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A resident of South Florida was arrested this week after he kept calling 911 to report what he believed to be a serious crime:

His wife had thrown out his beer.

West Palm Beach police say they responded on Monday evening to a call for help made by Carlos Bueno Mir.

When cops arrived on the scene, the 49-year old told them about his wife’s actions, causing officers to explain that this is NOT the sort of emergency for which 911 is meant to be used.

Carlos Bueno Mir Mug Shot

They also said, surprisingly, that Mir appeared to be intoxicated.

Later that same night, Carlos dialed 911 again (and then again), yelling at the operating and claiming that a female outside had broken into two of his beers.

Altogether, Mir called 911 seven times in four hours.

He now faces charges of misuse of the 911 emergency system for making a false alarm or complaint or reporting false information.

How does this abuse of the system compare to the woman who called 911 because she was horny?

We've compiled a rundown of ridiculous (read: illegal) reasons why folks have contacted the police:

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