Man Calls 911 For Mistaken McDonald's Order, Gets Arrested

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Unlike a certain horse in England, Larenzo Riggins may not have been turned away from McDonald's when he stopped by the fast food joint on July 30.

But after a bizarre incident that left the Georgia resident in the custody of police, he likely wishes he had been.

Riggins placed an order for seven McDoubles late last month, only to realize on his way to his truck that he had been short-changed a burger.

He subsequently re-entered the restaurant and explained the mistake to the cashier, only to be rebuffed and respond in the only logical way possible:

Riggins called 911.

Shockingly, however, authorities were not sympathetic to the customer's plight, eventually arriving on the scene and arresting Riggins for misusing the emergency number.

He even spent a night in jail as a result.

Has the McDonald's-loving convict learned anything from the incident? Yes, two things actually. But neither involves the use of 911.

"Check your food before you leave [and] always be careful when you go buy food anywhere you go," said Riggins

Words to live by.

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