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An attorney is actually alleging that the L.A. Police Department is responsible for the shooting that broke out at Chris Brown’s pre-VMAs party Sunday morning.

While Brown wasn’t hurt in the melee at West Hollywood nightclub 1OAK, famed rap producer Suge Knight was shot twice and is recovering from surgery.

Rumors are flying that the shooting was gang-related and/or a possible assassination attempt on Chris Brown. But a prominent lawyer has a different view.

Perry Sanders, the family lawyer for the late rapper Notorious B.I.G., said the LAPD (headed by Chief Charlie Beck) is to blame for the shooting.

Long ago, the department failed to indict Suge Knight for Biggie’s murder; Sanders also charges that the LAPD knows who killed Notorious B.I.G.

Of course … Sanders makes the claim about Brown’s shindig even though the 1OAK shooting isn’t in the LAPD’s jurisdiction, making it flimsy at best.

As for the link between Suge and Big Poppa?


The rumors that Knight ordered the murder of Christopher Wallace (Biggie) in retaliation for Tupac Shakur‘s killing just six months earlier are … well, notorious.

According to Wallace family attorney Sanders, the LAPD can never be trusted, and he’s filed a wrongful death lawsuit in connection with Biggie’s murder.

“At our civil trial, where we caught the LAPD hiding evidence of police involvement, the lead detective [felt] there was sufficient evidence to indict Suge,” he said.

“He was never indicted and no explanation was given.”

“Greg Kading, the next lead detective, said the same thing. Still no indictment. The original detective, Russell Poole said the same thing. Still no indictment.

“All three detectives said there was sufficient evidence to indict/charge Suge Knight for orchestrating the hit on Christopher Wallace and being a principal to murder.”

“This is truly an indictment of LAPD and the city. Los Angeles is a fabulous city that deserves better from its leaders. The victim’s family hopes to one day see justice.”

Suge Knight has denied any involvement with Notorious B.I.G.’s murder, and how this relates to the shooting the other night, we have no freaking clue.

Knight, 49, is clearly a marked man though.