Justin Bieber: Naked on Instagram With Unidentified Woman!

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Justin Bieber claims Miranda Kerr made him a man, and he apparently he wants to prove it to the world.

Justin Bieber: Nude on Instagram

Bieber just about flashed his dude parts on Instagram today, when he posted the above photo of himself naked, with his hands on some chick.

Yes, we're saying he's naked and not just shirtless, because based on the bottom of this photo, Biebs is either fully nude or he's taken pants-sagging to a new low.

So what's the deal here? Who's this girl? Does this have any impact on the rumors that Justin and Kendall Jenner are dating? Why is Justin posing for a naked photo shoot, anyway?

Sadly, Justin didn't post any sort of caption with the pic, so we may never know what's going on here...or what possessed him to post what looks like a pretty intimate moment to Instagram.

Of course, this isn't the first time JB has stripped down for his Instagram followers. Just last month, we were treated to Bieber's naked hangover cure.

The difference here, of course, is that this photo is not a selfie (meaning there was a third party present), and Justin is clearly enjoying the company of a young female fan. 

We're not sure if he's trying to capture Miranda's attention or not, but we do know he's managed to get all of Instagram looking. 

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