17 Hilariously Inappropriate Movie Marquees: Now Showing ... WHAT?!?!?!

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Before throwing down $12 for a movie ticket, you'll probably want to see what's playing at your local theater first. Or just go down there and pick whatever's on the marquee.

Like Transformers Sex Tape or There Will Definitely Be Blood Maybe. Wait, what?

See, what happened was this. Some theater workers with senses of humor (great, amazing, hilarious sense of humor) decided to have some fun with the titles of films playing at their places of employment. 

That or they just didn't notice. Either way, the results were awesome!

We can guarantee you won't find the 17 movies in the above gallery listed on Fandango, but if they were real movies, there's at least two of them we'd pay good money to see.

Just Go With It Suckerpunch Justin Bieber? Yeah, we'd watch that.

(Orlando Bloom should play the lead. Goes without saying.)

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