Justin Bieber: Naked Selfies Cure Hangovers!

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Sure, Selena Gomez dissed Justin Bieber on Instagram last night, but the pop mega-star's got bigger problems to deal with:

Namely, his raging hangover!

Justin Bieber Bath Selfie

Justin posted the above pic to a photo-sharing site called Shots (pun intended?) with the caption, "tubs cure #hangovers."

Yes, Justin is still not old enough to legally drink in the US, but who are we kidding? This dude has been partying since his "Baby" days and we're sure he knows his way around a painful morning.

The Biebs taste for booze may have gotten him in trouble in the past (We're guessing he wasn't sober when he racked up those misdemeanor vandalism charges.), but at least he's kind enough to share his hangover cures with the rest of us. What a guy!

If you're having trouble keeping up with all of Justin's brushes with the law, yesterday Bieber was ordered to attend anger management classes and pay for more than $80,000 in damages, stemming from an incident in which he threw eggs at his neighbor's house back in January.

Bieber will also serve two years of probation, during which, the slightest offense - like, say, underage drinking - could land him in serious legal trouble.

No tub is gonna cure that, Justin!

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