Lana Del Rey: "Ultraviolence" Music Video Premieres! Watch, Cringe Now!

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Lana Del Rey is no stranger to controversy. We recently learned that Lana slept with "a lot of guys" in order to become famous, and the enigmatic songstress has made no effort to clarify her statement in the week since.

Prior to that Lana wished she was dead in one interview, and encouraged fans not to listen to her music in another. And don't even get us started on her weird dalliances with James Franco.

What we're saying is, Lana's latest album, Ultraviolence, has had one of the weirder promotional campaigns in recent memory.

Still, nothing that Lana has said to the press has incurred as much wrath as the record's title track, the video for which debuted today:

Yes, "Ultraviolence" follows "Shades of Cool" off as the third single off of Lana's already best-selling album. Pay close attention to the lyrics and you may see why women's rights groups are less than pleased with the track.

Far from just a casual A Clockwork Orange reference, the ultraviolence that Lana is singing about is between a husband and wife, and many feel that lines like, "He hit me and it felt like a kiss" serve to glorify domestic battery.

The fact that Lana is dressed like a bride in the stripped-down clip is unlikely to alleviate those concerns.

But hey, at least Lana looks gorgeaous, as usual. Plus, she wouldn't be LDR if she wasn't pissing people off!

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