Kaley Cuoco Passes Out on Floor, Continues to Gush About Ryan Sweeting

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Kaley Cuoco's Instagram page is an interesting place.

Earlier this week, Kaley's Old West photo with Ryan Sweeting highlighted the fact that the married couple is still capable of having fun a full year after they started dating.

Today, Kaley returned home after weeks of shooting The Big Bang Theory: Sheldon Goes West! in New Mexico. (We kid. It was some movie called Burning Bodhi.)

Judging from the first photo she uploaded, the shoot took quite a toll on Kaley:

Kaley Cuoco Floor Photo

"Home sweet home sweet home sweet home!!!" Kaley captioned the above pic. Clearly she really missed that faux-fur rug.

What she didn't miss was her husband. Ryan joined Kaley for her last few days of filming in Albuquerque, and Cuoco posted shots of her golddigger former tennis pro beau with captions like "#HusbandsCureAll"

Ryan, meanwhile, posted a photo of himself with his arm around a liter of Maker's Mark and a caption reading, "The reason I get out of bed in the morning (beside the fact that I'm sick of sleeping next to Kaley) #DrunkGolddiggerLife"

Kidding! Seriously though, Sweeting's talked about his love of booze on Instagram before and it's comments like that  - along with the insane way he and Kaley rushed into marriage - that have many fans worried that Kaley's head-over-heels devotion might be wasted on Sweeting.

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