Lana Del Rey Gets Weird in "Shades of Cool" Music Video

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Lana Del Rey might wish she was dead, but her career has never been more alive and well. 

Lana's new album, Ultraviolence, may be the most highly-anticipated release of the year and its first single, "West Coast," might be Lana's most well-received song to date.

But if you were worried all that success would suck the doom and gloom from Lana's music and disposition, check out the newly released video for "Shades of Cool:"

No, Lana didn't collaborate with David Lynch for this one, but we're guessing her director watched Blue Velvet a few dozen times before they started shooting.

As usual, we're left wondering what's got LDR so down in the mouth. Then we remember that  Lana sang at the Kimye wedding, which seems like the sort of experience that could shatter anyone's psyche.

The "Shades of Cool" video provides yet another hint that Lana has a thing for much older dudes - a fact that might concern her fiance, Barrie-James O'Neil.

Not much is known about Barrie, but based on his photos, he doesn't seem to belong to the AARP set.