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It is totally and completely on between Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom. Literally!

The actor actually threw a punch at Bieber last night when crossing his path at a restaurant in Ibiza, with a fellow patron capturing the start of the confrontation on camera:

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The establishment was reportedly packed with other stars, such as Diddy and Paris Hilton, but it’s clear the incident was all about one celebrity NOT in attendance:

Miranda Kerr.


The model split from Bloom last October, with rumors quickly popping up that Orlando took major exception to Kerr’s relationship with Bieber.

One source even alleged the beauty taught the couple’s son to say “Bieber Fever,” which didn’t sit well with Bloom and which is totally hilarious.

Following reports that Bieber got close to Kerr after a Victoria’s Secret lingerie show in 2012, Bloom was spotted hanging out this spring with Selena Gomez, upping the ante in his feud with Justin.

A couple hours after the footage above (which begins after Bieber ducks Bloom’s punch and calls him a “bitch”), meanwhile, Bieber took to Instagram and posted a wordless message, clearly directed at his new rival:

Ohhh, snap yo! That’s totally Miranda Kerr and Bieber is clearly implied he gave it to her!

Justin later deleted the photo, but the damage has clearly been done to Bloom. The only question that remains: What will happen next?!?