Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 19 Recap: Double the Drama!

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When we last left Lifetime's Dance Moms, we had two squads fighting for dance immortality, with shot-caller Abby Lee Miller clearly favoring the new girls.

Who will be the leader's favorites at the end of the night?

You can watch Dance Moms online for the full episode in all its glory, but as we open the second half of season four, it looks like Abby is somewhat softer?

Maybe because of her mom? It can't last, we don't think.

Addressing both teams, Abby says that the new team is there to challenge the old team to make them better. So much for channeling her softer side.

Maddie is not happy on the new team and being on the bottom row. Abby also has some harsh words for Christy, and blames the kids for the moms.

Maddie eventually returns to the old team with a big smile after some squabbling from the moms, and the group is off to compete in Wheeling, W.V.

A major point of tension in this episode is Christy.

Christy this, Christy that. She's the dace mom who the new moms all complain about because she is often late and has told them lies repeatedly.

The new moms go to Abby about Christy, who overhears the whole thing, and the fight erupts shorty thereafter. We're talking about a SERIOUS fight.

The TV crew actually has to pull the women apart.

The teams arrive, with two teens on the team, the new crew seems to have the edge. Abby points out that they're all the Abby Lee Dance Company.

Holly realizes that the more the old moms complain, the worse it will be on their girls as well, as Abby controls all including their chances on the team.

Still, the jealousy and insecurity are off the hook.

Finally it's time for the performances, and the new team does a beautiful job even if they don't always seem to come together or fully grasp the dance.

Abby says the old team must understand that life isn't fair, and may be stacking the deck against them from the start with costumes to prove her point.

In the end, Sarah gets fourth place, while MacKenzie receives first. The old team gets second place, while the new team gets first. Tensions rise, girls cry etc.

The plot thickens, people. It thickens.

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