Orlando Bloom Throws a Punch at Justin Bieber: Watch Now!

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Orlando Bloom nearly accomplished what millions have dreamt about earlier tonight when he threw a punch at Justin Bieber at a restaurant in Ibiza.

Sadly, Orlando's punch didn't connect, but sources say the pop singer fled from the altercation, causing the star-studded crowd to applaud.

The video above picks up just after Bloom failed to connect, and Justin can be heard screaming, "What up, bitch?" at his assailant.

There is no word yet on what sparked the fight, but rumors of a feud between Bieber and Bloom date back at least to early April.

That was when Bieber reportedly became furious with his on-off girlfriend Selena Gomez for flirting with Bloom in public.

Since then, there's been widespread speculation that Bloom and Gomez are dating, and the rumors may have been a factor in Justin's bid to win Selena back earlier this month.

Some tabloids even have even suggested that Bieber caused the Orlando Bloom-Miranda Kerr split by relentlessly flirting with the Victoria's Secret model.

It was even rumored that Kerr taught their son to say "Bieber Fever."

Regardless of who came out on top in the various romantic rivalries that Bloom and Bieber may or may not be involved in, there's little doubt as to who was the victor tonight.

Witnesses say there were dozens of celebs on hand to witness the scuffle, including Paris Hilton and Puff Daddy, and that most if not all were on Team Orlando.

Several stars were reportedly spotted cheering as Justin retreated.

UPDATE: In a typical d--k move, Bieber actually taunted Orlando by posting a photo of Kerr to Instagram after the incident, before quickly taking it down.

Seriously. All of this actually happened!

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