Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 8 Recap: Injuries & Insults

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Two things were injured on Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 8:

  1. Spencer's eye.
  2. Aria and Hanna's friendship.

We have a feeling one may be a lot easier to heal than the other, however...

Let’s start with how Ella has awful taste in men. During a drunken sandwich run to the Brew, Hanna actually got felt up by  Zack. However, because she had drank half a bottle of whiskey before the encounter, her friends believed she “misinterpreted” the situation.

Hanna therefore returned to the Brew the following night to validate her suspicions, at which point Zack acted like a monster again, giving her his number.

The worst part, though, was Aria’s reaction; she essentually called Hanna a slut and blamed her for everything bad going on in their lives. OUCH! Low blow, Aria.

Elsewhere, Aria hung out with Big Rhonda, who revealed that Mrs. D signed Bethany out of Radley multiple times, even buying her expensive presents… including a pony. (Like a mom might buy her daughter? Who out there buys into the twin theory?)

Off to the stable we went, where we found a few more clues, including a riding helmet with Melissa’s initials, but a thunderstorm threw (kicked?) a wrench in the girls’ investigation. Spencer will need to put some ice on that.

With her father out of town, Alison crashed with the Marins, where she bonded with Ashley, they two even planning a weird mother/daughter dinner.

However, an unexpected visit from a knife-wielding Noel Kahn put a bit of a damper on their evening.

We then learned that Alison orchestrated the  break-in herself because apparently wanted “someone like Hanna’s mom” to stop doubting that a murderer is after her. We get that, but come on.

Is there any doubt this stunt ends up backfiring on Ali?

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