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True Tori is scoring big ratings for Lifetime, and viewers have been captivated by the dramatic attempts of Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott to save their troubled marriage.

However, holes in the couple’s story have led many to wonder if Tori and Dean faked his affair in order to secure a reality show deal.

Some have suggested they even went so far as to create a phony mistress with the curious name of Emily Goodhand. 

Go ahead and do a Google image search for Emily Goodhand photos.

You’ll find lots of Tori and Dean tabloid covers, but not a single pic of anyone who’s confirmed to be Dean’s cheating partner.

A thorough search for Emily on all social media sites turns up only one person who even comes close to the description and location Dean provided for Emily and that woman has stated repeatedly that she never met Dean.

So it’s possible Ms. Goodhand is just living off the grid in a tree house somewhere, but in 2014 would it even be possible to hide from a full-blown media manhunt for this long?

Conveniently, Dean’s imaginary friend is said to be living in rural Canada.

Tori and Dean probably think that’s a perfect explanation for why she’s been so hard to track down, but really it’s a story that smells as fishy as when your high school friend claimed you can’t meet his girlfriend because she’s traveling the world doing supermodel stuff.

Tori has explained before that there’s big money in making up plotlines for “reality” TV shows, and the Spelling-McDermotts have openly discussed their financial woes in the past.

So the motive is clear and it looks more and more as though Ms. Goodhand exists only in the minds of Dean and Tori, but one question remains: couldn’t they have come up with a less hilarious name for a mistress?

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