True Tori Confessions: What Sexy Secrets Will Be Revealed?

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Determined to milk their possibly real adultery scandal to the fullest extent reality TV will allow, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have extended True Tori.

Their six-episode Lifetime series already featured a reunion (yes, of husband and wife) last week. Tonight? Why, it's the True Tori: Confessions special!

What's next, Tori getting pregnant for a fifth time to extend the run slash save her marriage? Actually, that was rumored earlier today too. These people.

Tonight, among Spelling's other Confessions, she will reveal that she isn’t convinced her husband hasn’t cheated on her more than once in the past.

Knock us over with a feather, we know. Jaw-dropping.

“Maybe the truth is that he’s been doing this all along, and we would never even know,” she tells therapist Dr. Wexler while McDermott is in the hallway.

“Maybe this ... is just the one time he got caught.”

McDermott had a supposed two-day affair with Emily Goodhand while filming Chopped: Canada in Toronto this past winter, leaving his marriage in turmoil.

“I wanted to slap him,” Spelling says to the doctor, lamenting Dean's claim that he cheated mostly because she didn't put out before his work trip.

“It was like, what the f--k story are you telling? It makes no sense. He’s making no sense, because literally, we’ve never had sex the night before he’s left for a trip.”

They were having a lot of sex though. She adds:

“He was wanting more sex, he wanted more adventurous stuff ... I was doing everything he wanted. That’s why when this happened, it was such a slap in my face.”

“Because it’s like, I not only was giving him more sex. I was doing things I’m pretty sure no married couple of seven years with four tiny kids are doing at home.”

Know what else no married mom with four tiny kids does? Talk about having anal sex with Dean McDermott on a show they'll watch one day.

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