Sister Wives Season 5 Episode 3 Recap: Secrets of Kody Brown REVEALED

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Last night on Sister Wives Season 5 Episode 3, and Sister Wives Season 5 Episode 4, fans were treated to a double shot of the Brown family on TLC.

What does that mean for viewers? Double the awkward, well-meaning, charming polygamist antics from Kody and his many, many wives and kids.

On Sister Wives Season 5 Episode 3, Robyn's hard work paid off in securing a loan for the family, proving that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Then in Sister Wives Season 5 Episode 4, one of the emotional highlights was Christine revealing the truth of Kody's feelings about the move to Vegas.

It was a lot to take in for Kody Brown and family.

From the view inside the Polygamist Shark Tank, it looked like there was zero chance the were going to get the investor capital they needed for Robyn's project.

Well played, TLC editors ... because they did!

The investors came back and offered them money after all, albeit slightly less than they had hoped to receive. In any case, the dream is alive and well!

As for Kody Brown opening up about Las Vegas, that marked a departure from the man we're used to seeing, a guy who is always the rock of this family.

Kode-Man is the poster body for confidence.

He is unflappable and without that, the collective unit would surely crumble. He's got four wives and 18 kids, after all. But he's still human and has self doubts.

The wives and kids decided to throw a party celebrating Kody and their move, which was nice, but then they discussed the highs and lows of moving.

When Christine spoke about realizing that Kody hadn't been as gung-ho about the move as he had pretended to be, it was a jarring moment for all.

He still believes it is the right move, but there was still a facade of sorts as he went almost overboard with the confidence to convince his family it was.

Will it turn out to be worth it? We'll find out.

As always, follow the link to watch Sister Wives online at TV Fanatic and check out lots of photos from the fan favorite family's archives in the gallery below!

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