Sister Wives Season 5 Episode 2 Recap: Like a Polygamist Shark Tank

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On Sister Wives Season 5 Episode 2, Robyn and Meri hit a critical point in their relationship as the Browns pitched their latest business idea to investors.

The whole family was setting out to pitch their family company, My Sisterwife's Closet, to a group of venture capitalists looking to get in on this action.

Kind of like a polygamist Shark Tank of sorts.

The main takeaway from Sister Wives Season 5 Episode 2 was Meri trying to prove that she can in fact do it all, despite any preconceived notions.

She has every intention of going back to school - the bomb Meri dropped in last week's season opener - and helping out with the business too.

Can she pull it off, though, is the question.

Robyn is hard pressed to believe that her sister wife isn't just trying to ditch her responsibilities and following her own dream at the expense of others'.

While going back to school is a noble endeavor, this is a family in which all the relationships are so enmeshed and intertwined, its impact is far-ranging.

Later, at a meeting to plan the big pitch, Meri had a bit of a breakdown - not about Robyn, but at the prospect of having to speak in front of strangers.

When Robyn realized that Meri was just frightened more than anything else, she and the other wives and Kody Brown rallied to show their support.

Understanding was key for Robyn and Meri. To see where others are coming from is invaluable, in a situation like this especially, in resolving issues.

There may be real internal strife from time to time, but when push comes to shove in the Brown household, they close ranks and get the job done.

Robyn did cry during the pitch, but it was the kind of good crying where her passion shone brightly and made the group appear even more outstanding.

Except to the investors, who didn't seem to think the Brown family presentation had quite what it took to warrant a major cash infusion at this time.

That hurts. But they did it together. Follow the link to TV Fanatic to watch Sister Wives online and scroll through some Brown family pics below ...