True Blood Season 7 Episode 1 Recap: Under Attack

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We're off and running killing on True Blood Season 7.

The series set a personal record for Shortest Period of Time Elapsing in an Episode Before Murdering a Main Character, as Tara was destroyed before the opening credits even rolled.

Yes, TARA IS DEAD. Finally! For good this time... we hope!

It must be asked: was a single viewers upset by this development?

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Sookie, of course, took Tara's death (at the hands of an attacking set of infected vampires) very hard, blowing off Alcide after she read his thoughts and he, along with the rest of Bon Temps, blamed Sookie for this Hep V outbreak.

Seems like a bit of a stretch, doesn't it?

Because Sookie befriended (read: totally boned!) Bill back in the day... she's to blame for out-of-control vampire going crazy in town all these years later?

This led to Sookie and Alcide's first fight, first bit of makeup sex and first look at Anna Paquin's breasts on the show's final season. Who has 17 minutes into the premiere in their office pool?

It's nice to see Sookie and Alcide together, but due to last year's time jump, it's difficult to be invested in their relationship. Because we haven't actually seen it at all.

But the premiere concluded with Sookie giving her fellow citizens an inspiring, self-centered little speech and we can only imagine they'll take up her offer to help with this ongoing vampire problem.


  • Jessica swore to protect Adalind, who couldn't bring herself to hate the beautiful undead redhead, despite that whole murdering-her-three-other-sisters thing.
  • Jason finally gave it to Violet, right on the hood of his cruiser.
  • The man Sam defeated in the town's Mayoral race witnessed Sam turning into a dog and clearly has it out for the him. He's gotten together his own little human team of vampire hunters.
  • Merlotte's is now called Bellefleur's. Nice touch.
  • Arlene and Holly were among those taken hostage by the mean vampires.
  • Luke, now played by Nathan Parsons of The Originals, told Lafayette how he was turned and how he was thrown out of his house as a teenager for being gay.
  • Pam is off in search of Eric... and willing to go to ANY length to track down her Maker.

So... what did you think of True Blood Season 7 Episode 1? Are you sad Tara is dead? Intrigued by the infected vampire storyline? Hoping Eric is alive? Dead?

Grade the premiere now:

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