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Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott appeared to be making progress on their train wreck reality show True Tori … but then this week’s episode happened.

Not only was Tori rushed to the hospital with severe stomach and migraine issues, the parents of four got into the craziest fight we’ve seen yet by far.

True Tori Clip - Insane Fight

While genuinely concerned for Tori’s health, Dean sees this roadblock as being stuck at home taking care of the kids, and well, he has trouble with the kids.

There are four, after all. It’s herding cats. Makes the fact that he (or the producers) had them make welcome home posters for Tori even more impressive.

That happy moment was nice, but also fleeting.

Tori gets overwhelmed with emotion while making crafts with her offspring and telling the kids about falling in love with their dad … THOSE WERE THE DAYS.

Even for a show that would exaggerate or fake Dean McDermott’s suicide attempt for ratings, it seems pretty low to involve little kids in this scripted nonsense.


But so it goes. As Tori becomes hysterical and cries her eyes out with the kids right beside her, Dean walks in says mommy is upset so they need to leave.

And then, Tori absolutely flips the f–k out.

True Tori Clip - Health Emergency

“Can you take two f–king nights back?” Tori yelps at Dean, referring to his cheating with Emily Goodhand, who may or may not exist, last December.

“I gave you my heart. I went through more pregnancies for you!” Tori weeps, as Dean frantically tells her “I am so sorry, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry!”

As Dean laments that he "doesn’t deserve" the beautiful family he helped make, Tori says he doesn’t deserve it, but he has it, SCREAMING at him:

"We’re still here! We’re all still here! I am sitting here! My heart is ripped out! I have nothing left. If you truly want me back, then think of something!”

Yeah. It was awkward to say the least.

Later, Tori and Dean went to therapy and on the topic of his affair in Canada, he blames it on the fact that he and Tori didn’t put out before he left.

McDermott then freaks out about his sex life and not wanting to talk about it anymore, even though it’s his sex life that got him in this jam to begin with.

Good, possibly fake times.