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Either Dean McDermott is a real piece of work, or he and Tori are both doing an incredible job coming up with the level of detail in the fabrication that is True Tori.

If this sneak preview clip from tonight’s episode is even half true?

Dean may be the biggest jackass imaginable, trying to justify his affair with Emily Goodhand last winter by playing the sexual compulsive martyr card.

True Tori Sneak Peek - Dean NEEDS Sex Before Work Trips!

That’s right, he’s blaming his cheating on Tori Spelling on Tori Spelling, for not letting him get in her pants within 12 hours of his business trip, as he prefers.

Sounds like some "honest" line Juan Pablo Galavis would say.

Essss okay, Dean, because you’ve now pleaded your sex-starved case to the Lifetime cameras (and quote-unquote therapist) ad nauseam. Poor fella.

Not only is his wife not fantastic at sex, it’s totes infrequent!


Almost makes you feel bad for Tori Spelling. Almost. Okay, not really, because she clearly has lost any self-respect or integrity by doing this program.

She probably should’ve just bailed on Dean altogether, too, as he seems thoroughly devoid of redeeming qualities, but why let a good crisis go to waste?

These people …