True Tori Finale Preview: Will Dean Get the Chop?!

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Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are still facing obstacles as the first (and if there's anything holy in this world, last) season of True Tori comes to an end.

Namely, Dean's opportunity to return to the scene of last year's extramarital fiasco - The Great White North, eh - to film another season of Chopped Canada!

It's a gut-wrenching decision that McDermott sums up as such:

"There the right thing to do, and then there's what I want."

This is also what he said before boning Emily Goodhand.

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While they are dedicated to making their marriage work after he confessed that he cheated on Tori Spelling and went to rehab and therapy, it's hard, people.

On True Tori's finale, this new roadblock hits like a ton of bricks.

At a dinner with friends (which apparently they have), Tori casually brings up Dean's job opportunity, saying, "It's such bad timing, this whole Chopped thing."

If Dean does go, he must leave in seven days, and Tori worries that their family has not had enough time to heal after everything they've been through.

Clearly, if you're at all familiar with these people's lives, that's A LOT.

"We need time to heal this family and disrupting that, I just feel like the momentum, it will just be gone," Tori says, while Dean has other things on his mind.

"I don't want to leave my family," the father of four says, but adds:

"I have obligations and I have a career that I need to sustain."

What will Dean do? Will the duo be alright? Will there be another insane Tori Spelling-Dean McDermott fight like we saw on last week's episode?

The True Tori finale mercifully airs Tuesday night at 10 p.m. on Lifetime. Feel the excitement and scroll through five theories on why the show is fake:

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