Cody Simpson Graduates at Top of High School Class

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Season 18 Dancing with the Stars contestant and "Surfboard" singer Cody Simpson is officially a high school graduate - at the top of his class no less!

Simpson, who is only 17 years old and posted excerpts from his commencement speech in Atlanta, Ga., on his Instagram account, is leading by example.

Like Emma Watson graduating from Brown University, Cody proves that a career in entertainment doesn't have to trump one's pursuit of higher education.

"It is possible to finish school amidst having a very busy schedule and amidst working relentlessly towards chasing my wildest dreams," he tells his peers.

"Intelligence is the sexiest thing in the entire world," he added.

One of the teenager's recent forays into the social media world was considerably less inspiring. Remember the Cody Simpson nude pic? If not, you do now!

He posted a photo of his naked posterior on Instagram, later commenting when it had been removed, "looks like Instagram didn't like my a––."

Looks like Mr. Valedictorian got the last laugh.