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Selena Gomez told a journalist in the country of Nepal that she was in the Himalayan nation seeking “mental peace” and a respite from the American media.

Read: Justin Bieber. She’s obviously fleeing the morass that is Justin Bieber and his stranglehold on her mind (and possible additional body parts).

Selena, 21, reportedly told the Nepalese journalist Bisnu Sharma that “I am in Nepal to escape from the American media. I wanted mental peace.”

Her separation from Bieber and the emphasis placed on it back in the states was huge. The combination of the emotions involved and the attention?

Likely enough to make anyone want to flee to Nepal once in awhile.

Gomez recently posted pics on her Instagram account that also leads one to believe that she’s measures steps to find peace … or at least a two-piece.

Girlfriend flaunts her hot bikini body in selfies is what we’re saying.

I’m taking my power back,” was a caption that was posted alongside one of several recent Selena Gomez bikini photos to make the online rounds.


Hot stuff. Whatever brings you that power and/or inner calm.

Of course, whatever she tries to do, Justin drama follows.

Bieber just recently released a track to his Instagram account, on May 24, claiming that he was “hurting.” One notable lyrical excerpt from his “music” …

“You know exactly what to do to hurt me … it’s working.”

Oooh. Could he be talking about his beautiful ex-girlfriend, who recently made a reference on her Instagram account about his poor choice in women?

Could we read into their Instagrams any more?!

She did in fact mention him though. When a fan wrote “ooooooo you need to get her back boy,” referring to Justin, Selena replied: “he’d rather models.”

Bieber, of course, is reportedly on a mission to have sex with beautiful women like it’s his job these days, swagging all over the world like a douche.

Gone are the good ol’ grinding days …