Jenelle Evans to Danielle Cunningham: Your Kids Are Ugly!

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Looks like Jenelle Evans' cyber-feud with fellow 16 & Pregnant alum Danielle Cunningham is back in full swing, and has taken an ugly turn.

Jenelle, who won plaudits for defending Rob Kardashian from bullying on the web this week, allegedly attacked Danielle's children's looks on Twitter.

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“Now Jenelle thinks my kids are ugly? Whaaaat?” Cunningham tweeted.

Alongside a photo of Jamie Paul Jr., 3, and daughter Jayleigh Rae, 11 months, she added, “LOOK AT THEM. THEY ARE FREAKIN PERFECT."

"[Jenelle Evans] is mentally disturbed!”

No tweet about Cunningham’s kids currently exists on Evans’ page, although she did later admit to erasing previous posts she didn't elaborate on.

“U think I ‘tweet and delete’ cuz I think I’m wrong?” she said. “Not by any means…It’s becuz I don’t want yr drama all over my TL, duh. #JokesOnYou”

So, there you sort of have it.

Still fuming from the alleged insult, Danielle Cunningham began to re-tweet support from Twitter fans, which included some pretty vulgar commentaries.

“Hun your kids are beautiful. Jenelle is just [an] ugly person inside,” one tweeted, adding of the pregnant Evans, “She’s a true sociopath. F--k her.”

Cunningham is “way hotter than the trash bag c-m dumpster,” said another fan who Danielle decided it would be a good idea to give a re-tweet.

Although she personally didn't go there this time, last summer, Cunningham famously called Evans a “lying sack of pig s--t” and a “heroin junkie.”

Both women have admitted abusing heroin in the past, so that's kind of a wash, assuming Jenelle and Danielle are still clean as of press time.

As for who's a better parent and who would win if they came to blows, which hopefully we'll never have to find out, that remains up for debate as well.

Let's just leave the kids' looks out of it, shall we? They already have enough to overcome having been spawned by MTV reality stars. Just saying.

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