Danielle Cunningham: Jenelle Evans is a Bad Mom, Heroin Addict, Lying Sack of S--t!

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16 and Pregnant's Danielle Cunningham has gone OFF on Jenelle Evans in an epic Twitter rant, one which began when Jenelle was feeling sorry for herself.

After the Teen Mom 2 star said people kick her when she's down, Danielle responded, “You, my dear, have been knocked down for 4 years. Yo a** never got up!”

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“I hate the fact that [Jenelle Evans] can’t be a mother. Just when she feels like it. Does [her four-year-old son] Jace even call Jenelle mom?” she asked.

“lmfao jenelle even your mom secretly hates you.”

Ouch. No need to bring Barbara Evans into this.

When one follower commented that this rant felt aggressive, Danielle responded very matter-of-factly: “i gave her many chances. i used to like her."

"Then i noticed what kind of a lying sack of pig s**t she really is.”

Perhaps most shockingly of all, Danielle insinuated that Jenelle Evans is a hardcore heroin addict and liar who chooses drugs over her son, Jace.

“I hate all heroin junkies,” Danielle, who claims to be ten months sober from heroin herself. “And I hate junkies that pick drugs over their children."

"That REALLY erks [sic] my f--king nerves."

Danielle then retweeted a fan who said, “@danielle_mtv is proof that you can quit if you actually WANT to. she lived [sic] her kid enough to quit.""

"Jenelle didn’t love Jace enough.”

Evans maintains that she is sober and working to get custody of her son back ... but she seems more interested in a lot of other things to be honest.

What do you think? Is Danielle out of line? Or does the truth hurt?

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