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Heather Dubrow had better watch her back now that Tamra Barney has watched The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 9 Episode 6.

On Monday’s episode, Dubrow threw a hoedown to celebrate breaking ground on her new dream home (not to be confused with her previous palace).

There was a mechanical bull on site, and Barney was riding that thing like a cowgirl pro when Heather told the bull operator to “Turn that up.”

He obliged. Tamra went flying off the beast, just as Heather intended.

Tamra Barney Reacts to Heather Dubrow Bull Stunt

“I had no idea that Heather told the bull operator to ‘turn it up’ until I saw the footage,” Barney said in the episode’s – and her epic fall’s – wake.

If you watch The Real Housewives of Orange County online, you’ll see Dubrow acting totally concerned by the fall, asking Barney if she was “okay."

Barney, meanwhile, was clearly oblivious to the intentional move.


“What shocked me the most was to hear her say ‘he should be fired for turning it up.’ Say what?” Barney told the site, recalling Heather’s deception.

Barney said she hasn’t quite decided how to react just yet.

“I’m still absorbing this info and quite frankly I have mixed emotions," she says. "Heather has texted me to say she is sorry and she was just kidding.”

Still, she hinted that she may go Porsha Williams on her,

“I guess we will deal with it at the reunion,” she admitted.

At the same time, we doubt it. She seemed to pay Dubrow a compliment later in her interview with Bravo, saying: “She’s still my fancy pants.”

That she is. Very fancy … and just a little conniving.