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Tori Spelling’s life is starting to play out like some sort of soap opera, only with each passing day it’s harder to tell who’s acting and what’s actually real life.

First, her husband Dean McDermott cheated on her. Then, being Tori Spelling, she decided to let cameras in their home to air the fallout on Lifetime.

Then, she was accused of making the whole thing up just to get another reality show, as many started to wonder if Emily Goodhand even exists.

Now, as speculation surges regarding Dean’s alleged mistress, we learn that a mysterious ailment landed Tori in the hospital for six days. What was it?

A source told celebrity gossip site Radar that Tori checked into the hospital with a migraine and an ulcer … stress-fueled issues consistent with her issues.

“Tori’s head hurt so much, she couldn’t have any light in her bedroom. And she couldn’t keep any food down from the ulcer,” says an alleged insider.

“She was in a great deal of pain and was very scared.”

Sounds fairly believable, right? Sure. But get this …

None other than the guy causing her that migraine and ulcer, Dean McDermott, was by her side every day … along with the reality TV camera crew.

It all makes sense, doesn’t it? Dean comforting Tori through her medical crisis after all they’ve been through is the perfect denouement for the show.

He’s not perfect, but he’s there when it counts.

Tori will see that although Dean is a cheating, lying, alcoholic who says she sucks at sex and stuck it in some random Canadian (possibly), he loves her.

Did Spelling really have an ulcer and/or migraine? Very possibly. But TV expert that she is, she had to know a hospital trip would be perfect for True Tori.

It’s like art imitating life … or the reverse?

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