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On Tuesday’s episode of Lifetime’s reality show True Tori, we learned the real reason that Dean McDermott went to rehab after his affair was exposed.

It wasn’t because he cheated on Tori Spelling, or because Tori forced him to go. Oh no. It was because after being outed, he had a "nervous breakdown."

One so bad that he threatened suicide.

Dean confessed to Tori and their reality show therapist that he had reached such a low point that he felt "the only way out of this was to leave this Earth."

Is this guy serious?!

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Tori, floored that Dean admits this on camera, wanted to stop filming … fearful that admitting this on camera might push her husband over the edge.

Mmm hmm.

Dean’s suicide attempt/threat/whatever sounds about as real as Emily Goodhand. Even if his mistress and affair are real, we’re not buying this part.


"That’s it, you can’t get out of this," McDermott says he felt after his cheating, noting that he sucked at life so badly that "Tori deserves me to die."

Or feel bad for you and thus cut you some slack after your melodramatic sob story.

While production was temporarily shut down amid his revelation, shockingly, Dean was then evaluated by a psychiatrist and cleared to resume filming!

Tori looked more irritated with Dean as he talked about his suicidal thoughts, as if she could see through his ploy to usurp people’s sympathy and attention.

This is a guy who basically said she doesn’t deserve him and who needs the mother of four to put out constantly in order to keep him at all satisfied.

Now he’s managed to worm his way back into the house, but things are awkward.

Whether Dean’s suicide saga or Tori Spelling’s hospital stay this past week are bogus or not, the strangeness of these two as a couple is 100 percent legit.